Why do you keep repeating your questions? If you do not understand the replies 
that Phil Clayton or Roger Jones provided then respond to their posts and make 
sure you copy your replies to the mailing list.

Also, you have been trying to make a post with a screenshot attached. Please do 
not do that, as I don't want to clog up the mailing list archives with large 
files. Instead describe your problems in words. If we really need to see a 
screenshot, then we will let you know.



On 20 Feb 2013, at 14:04, khan khan wrote:

> first of all when i enter /home/sarah/pp/bin/xpp it opens xpp and second 
> command that you tell me to try was 
> PPENVDEBUG=y /home/sarah/pp/bin/xpp it also open then why when i 
> enter the command xpp -d example_zed
>  says "printer not found, aborting"
> how to make sure that ProofPower bin directory comes before the system bin 
> directories in the
> PATH environment variable.
> thanks
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