I have build 3.1w5 and am seeing Z characters in the terminal which is great!

I find that I need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the Poly/ML libraries when running. I suspect that this is because the polyc command in HOLSTARTCMD in hol.mkf does does not include
(Similarly for SLRPSTARTCMD in dev.mkf)
Is there any reason for that?



On 18/04/15 14:08, Rob Arthan wrote:
Dear All,

I am happy to announce that OpenProofPower version 3.1w5 is now available.
You can read about it and download it from:

The main change since version 3.1w4 is support for Unicode and UTF-8.
Setting the flag output_in_utf8 true in a ProofPower session, causes output
to use UTF-8 rather than the ProofPower extended character set. Likewise
setting the input_in_utf8 true makes the session expect subsequent input
to be UTF-8 encodings. The UTF-8 support is currently mainly targeted
at people who are programming their own GUIs and need to interface
to GUI toolkits using UTF-8. The document preparation system and xpp
do not yet support UTF-8.

Note that this version does not work with Standard ML of New Jersey,
due to a bug in that compiler’s handling of hexadecimal character



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