I love using ProofPower!  Especially xpp has helped me to development
literate programs mixing Latex with SML, and C++, and even assembly

There is one thing missing that would be an improvement. The idea of
literate programming as presented by Donald Knuth is to allow the order of
program fragments be controlled. This means we could put more important or
interesting pieces of code first in the document and less important pieces

I don't see a way to rearrange pieces in xpp (sieveview) so far, but wonder
if there is some possibility. For example, could

=DUMPMORE  prg.cpp

have a parameter which represents an order? Maybe number them?

=DUMPMORE 2 prg.cpp
=DUMPMORE 1 prg.cpp

would extract piece 1 before 2 in prg.cpp?

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