Dear all,

I have had a few moderator requests recently for posts to the ProofPower list 
that were bigger than 40Kb. This was because the posts had attachments of a few 
hundred Kb. My usual practice is not to accept such posts, not because of the 
size of the attachments but because such attachments typically contain files in 
format like PDF or ProofPower documents or compressed tarballs that will be 
trashed when the post is archived. So to make your post useful in posterity, it 
is much better to include a link, e.g., to a public file or folder on Dropbox 
or to a repo on GitHub or bitbucket, rather than include the actual data. If 
this causes you any difficulty on any occasion, feel free to send me a private 
e-mail and I’ll be happy to try to help you.


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