I want to write a tactic to performance the following action,

assume that the goal is 
        h_1, … h_n |- g
and thm is 
        forall x, y. P(x,y) ==> A(x,y) = B(x,y)
where A(x,y)  can be matched with a subterm of the current goal. After applying 
the tactic, the following subgoals are generated:

1)h_1, … h_n, A(x’,y') = B(x’,y') |- g
2) h_1, … h_n |- P(x’,y’)

where x and y are instantiated as the related terms (x’ and y') in the matched 

Is there any existing function I can use? If not, how can I write such a tactic 
? Thanks in advance.


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