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> As I have mentioned in the past, I use xpp (and ProofPower) to teach 
> programming in a literate way.  We can easily combine several languages into 
> one document (sml, c++, latex, etc) and then use docsml/doctex to extract the 
> separate pieces to be compiled.   The biggest resistance I get to adoption of 
> this way of programming is that the editor does not help us "see" the 
> different languages very well. i.e. There is no color-coding of language 
> keywords.
> Has anyone investigated a way to integrate that feature into the xpp editor? 
> I am used to all one color, but have enough experience that seeing the 
> difference between latex and c++ is relatively easy -- not so for beginners 
> learning both languages at the same time. Many have already had some exposure 
> to IDEs such as Code::Blocks that highlight the keywords.

Unfortunately, The Motif text widget that is used by xpp for text display and 
does not support multiple colours or multiple fonts. The best you can get
is highlighting either by reverse video or underlining. Motif is quite old now 
and there
is little or no active development.

In the long term, xpp needs to be ported to a more modern GUI library or 
by an add-on to some other editor like jedit.


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