Thanks Rob for sorting this out for me.
I now have ProofPower running on Ubuntu 16.04 (under VirtualBox on my macbook). (also under OS X, but I have other things which I can't get to work on OS X). 16.04 works on the 12" macbook under VirtualBox but not native, though it will boot from a flash drive but doesn't then understand the keyboard or touchpad.

The install prescription should probably be:


but I already had texlive-full installed so I can't confirm that 
texlive-generic-recommended suffices.


On 22/07/2016 12:30, Rob Arthan wrote:

I have now had time to build ProofPower on ubuntu 16.04. I needed to do the 

1) Install the following packages:


2) Change configure so that it doesn’t fail if libpolymain is in a subdirectory 
of /usr/lib (see below)

3) Change src/xpp/xpp.mkf so that it doesn’t use -lXext or -lXp (see below)

4) Copy the app-defaults directory to my home directory (xpp wouldn’t use the 
fonts otherwise)

For (2) and (3) I’ve attached a patch. If you build poly yourself, rather than 
install the package you
might not need to do (2), but the patch does not harm.



On 21 Jul 2016, at 11:15, Rob Arthan <> wrote:


On 18 Jul 2016, at 22:15, Roger Bishop Jones <> wrote:

I have been trying to install ProofPower on Ubuntu 16.04, without success.

The stumbling block comes early, in the prerequisites for installing OpenMotif, 
since some of these are not available in the usual repositories.
Do you need any more than libmotif-dev?  I have a kubuntu 16.04 VM but 
unfortunately it’s not convenient for me to install all the prerequisites for 
ProofPower on it just now. However, I installed libmotif-dev and was able to 
build a simple motif programme and I can’t see any reason why xpp would need 
anything more.

If anyone figures out how to get ProofPower installed on Ubuntu 16.04 I should 
be pleased to know how it can be done.
I’ll try a full installation on kubuntu 16.04 when I get a moment.


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