Dear All,

Roger Jones and I are doing some more work on Unicode and UTF-8 support in 
We are currently considering two changes to the Unicode mapping as currently 
defined at: 

1) Supporting Unicode/UTF-8 in xpp and the various document-processing scripts 
would be
much simpler, if each character in the ProofPower extended character set mapped 
to a single
Unicode code point. Currently the only exception is the symbol for distributed 
which has to be translated into two code points (a frown followed by a slash). 
Since frown-slash
is already accepted as a synonym for the single character for distributed 
concatenation we
would like to withdraw the single character mark-up from the ProofPower Z 

2) We would like to use the MathML XML entity set as a standard set of 
names for Unicode code points. However, there a few slight discrepancies that 
need to be resolved:
At Phil Clayton’s (nice) suggestion, the ProofPower mapping currently maps the 
letters to the corresponding code points for Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols 
in the range
1D400–1D7FF. The MathML entities use the code points for Greek in the range 
The Mathematical Greek Symbols do look nice, but to gain compatibility with 
we would like to revert to using the code points for Greek in the range 
This will also allow you to enter Greek by switching to a  standard Greek 
keyboard mapping.
In passing we will also use the right symbol for φ (the current mapping uses 
what LaTeX
calls \varphi rather than \phi).

Any comments on this would be appreciated.



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