I'm trying to use sd to track bugs in my projects.

It works fine in our common darcs repository. The server hosting it runs debian.

Unfortunately, under mac os, things get quite tricky, and I'm not fluent in 

- First of all, there are few perl packages that you use, that are available in 
macports. I made a few, but some don't have Makefiles, others don't install, 
and I have no idea why.

- Prophet does not compile with the instructions on your website: Makefile.PL 
does not exist anywhere in your git, nor on my system (except in already 
installed packages).

- Also, I get a strange undocumented answer when I try to run sd:

% darcs-sd init 
I don't know what to do with the Prophet replica type you specified: sqlite
Is your URL syntax correct?


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