Hi folks,

We're pleased to present Prosody 0.9.4, the latest release from our
stable 0.9 branch.

This release fixes a security (denial of service) issue. If you are
using mod_compression then we strongly recommended that you upgrade as
soon as possible or disable compression (it is disabled by default) to
prevent potential resource consumption by untrusted users.

A summary of changes in this release:

  - Compression: Disallow compression on unauthenticated streams
  - Core: Limit default read size and maximum stanza size
  - Core: Enable SASL EXTERNAL by default for component s2s
  - S2S: Warn if `s2s_secure_auth` and `s2s_require_encryption` have
been set in conflicting ways
  - S2S: Warn if no local network addresses were found, preventing
successful s2s
  - MUC: Fix traceback when a non-occupant tried to change an occupant's role
  - MUC: API: Fire an event when temporary rooms are destroyed after
the last person leaves
  - Telnet: Fixed traceback when listing users
  - Telnet: Apply normalization to JIDs in user management commands
  - HTTP: Fix directory detection in file server on Windows
  - Plugins: Fix paths on Windows
  - MOTD: Don't strip blank lines from the message provided in the config
  - prosodyctl: Better error reporting when generating certificates
  - Makefile: Improve FreeBSD compatibility
  - Multiple fixes to our migration tools, and support for importing
MUCs from ejabberd

Download instructions for all platforms can be found on our download
page: https://prosody.im/download

If you have any questions, comments or other issues with this release,
let us know - https://prosody.im/discuss

Happy Jabbering,
The Prosody Team

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