On 11/6/2014 6:57 AM, Kim Alvefur wrote:
On 2014-11-06 06:08, deoren wrote:
If I have enabled debug mode, what does the AUTH entry contain?

Example debug entry:

Oct 24 20:45:29 chirp prosody[17248]: example.org:auth_dovecot: sending

Pardon my ignorance, but what does (what appears to be) the base64
string represent?

It's a SASL message.  What it contains depends on what SASL mechanism is
used.  Here, in the case of PLAIN, it will be username and password
separated by NUL characters.

Also, is it specific to the use of the dovecot auth

This specific message is, yes.  It logs everything it sends and receives
to/from Dovecot for debugging because it's an non-stable module.

Kim "Zash" Alvefur

Thanks Kim. So I guess it goes without saying that if I need to post debug log snippets that I should first sanitize those entries. Thanks for confirming that!

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