I'm having problems implementing the internal_hashed procedures in ruby. My 
setup is the following:

I have a public-facing prosody 9.3 which does not allow inband 
registration. I'm writing a Ruby on Rails App
which should insert the new users into the postgres DB I setup for prosody 
account storage, but I
have trouble computing the stored_key and server_key.

iterations is hardcoded to be 4096 for new users, but can be any integer.
UUIDs are used as salt.
stored_key should be the following: SHA1( clientkey )
where clientkey is HMAC (slatedpw, "Client Key")
and saltedpw is a PBKDF2-SHA1(userspassword, salt and iterations)
serverkey is the same as clientkey, but HMACed with "Server Key" and 
without the last SHA1 operation.

Am I missing something here? Because I implemented this procedure with 
Rails' integrated OpenSSL
module and I am not getting the same hashes as I get when using in-band 


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