On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 09:10:56PM -0700, Chris Ballinger wrote:
> Thanks for following up! Your reasoning makes sense but I still feel that
> being overly strict about mime type / file extension mappings isn't
> necessary, and should perhaps be relaxed by mod_http_files. 

I gave up and removed all that the other day.

I'd like to highlight that mod_http_upload is an experimental proof of
concept module. Its primary purpose was to have something to test
client implementations against.

And also that Prosodys built-in HTTP server is still not optimized for
handling large uploads. Maybe after 0.10.

A generally better approach to all this could be to have mod_http_upload
serve files directly instead of using mod_http_files. Then it can send
the same Content-Type that the client indicated when it requested the

> [...] by mod_http_files. 

You mean mod_http_upload. mod_http_files is just a static file server.


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