> Off topic a little...
> But the metre (and hence inch) are derived quantities (variables) so all
> our footprints are totally useless! Do you hear - *useless*!
> The speed of light, c, is constant.  Any improvements in the how fast
> travels does not affect the number in metres per second.  The length of
> metre is changed instead.  So there is no point in trying to design
> footprints as the next time a physicist improves the estimate of c we have
> to go back and update all out libraries.
> I'm giving up and going to the beach....
> Ian Wilson

Actually, my impression was that changes in c result in corresponding
changes to *both* the length of the meter *and* the duration of the second;
an increase in c both increases the meter slightly and decreases the second
slightly, and vice versa during times (?) of "depression" for c. And to
avoid detection of these changes by other means of measurment, there are
also changes to the mass of the kilogram, current of the ampere, intensity
of the candela, and temperature of the kelvin. :-^)

On a slightly more serious note, I used to have a subscription for
"Electronics World and Wireless World". But I had to buy a copy of the
January 2001 issue after browsing through it recently in a local newsagency,
as a detailed explanation was provided as to the "why" of gravity. It seems
the expansion of the universe results in a reactive force within the ether,
and gravity is the manifestation of that. And compliance with Newton's
inverse square law is achieved by a formula which involves, amongst other
things, the mass of the entire universe and the (inverse?) square of
Hubble's constant.

So, in some ways, it might be a good thing if the universe stops expanding
just as you fall out of a window, but overall, a whole lot of things would
doubtless happen after that which might not be so good after all...

I have yet to study the article in detail, and such study might reveal some
holes in the argument. I recall another article (late 80's or early 90's)
which postulated that momemtum and angular momentum could be interchanged
(instead of the more commonly held belief that each of these are invariant,
or at least within an appropriate isolated context). My study of that
article suggested that you shouldn't rush out and buy stock in solar panel
propelled spacecraft...

Geoff Harland.
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