Announcing a new discussion group...
    The "Open Topic Forum"
This new forum provides a home for all those "off topic" discussions that 
have become so popular. You can get more details and/or join by visiting With the introduction of the 
new forum, the existing forums, "Protel EDA Users" and "Protel Developers" 
forums can focus on subjects of a technical nature.

Announcing a new list server...
The new forum goes into operation on a new list server (DoList Expert). The 
User and Developers forums will migrate over to the same server in a few 
days time. This will be automatic, so there is nothing you will need to do. 
When your membership is transferred to the new server, you will receive 
confirmation by email along with descriptions and instructions for using 
the new features. If you aren't interested in new features, just keep 
posting and reading the way you always have.

For those that are interested, some of the features include searchable 
archives, being able to manage your own member account for things such as 
temporarily suspending your mail (eg. for vacations), enabling and 
disabling post confirmations, digest mode, posting to a forum from the web 
site, and much more.

Initially all this can be managed from your own email program, and soon 
after, this functionality will be extended and integrated into the 
Association web site. Instructions for using the new functions are included 
with your membership confirmation when you subscribe to a new forum.

Forum Administrator
Association of Protel EDA Users

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