(That's right this Wednesday!!)

 YOU NEED TO RSVP by NOON tomorrow (Tues the 27th)!!! 
(You won't want to miss this one... It's all about PCB surface finishes...)

Send your e-mail RSVP to ->>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] <<<-- and tell us how
many will be attending... (yourself included). 

We will be providing dinner and we need to know how many will be there)

Here is an update on what is happening at this event. - 
The next presentation by the San Diego IPC Designers Council will be on
March 28, 2001 entitled, ' Printed Circuit Surface Finishes, which one is
'right' for my design?'.
 We will be discussing the advantages of the White Tin process, Immersion
Nickel / Gold, Enthone's OMIKRON OSP (Organic Soldering Preservative), Hot
Air Leveled (HASL) solder coating and other processes as they relate to
today's designs; BGA's, finer pitch SMT's, 0402 packages, etc., We will hold
open panel discussion w/questions and answers from our audience. Make sure
your bring your note pad. You won't want to miss this one.

Phil Roberts of Cartel Electronics will host a panel of 3 PCB Industry
representatives who specialize in the application of different surface
finishes to PCB's. Mr. Roberts will field questions and discuss the pros and
cons of choosing the right surface finish for your application, whether it
be microwave, high speed digital, analog, power supplies, military or
consumer electronics. 

The expert panel will be the following professionals:

(1) Tom Scimeca, VP at Florida CirTech, Inc., PhD in Chemestry,B.S. Chemical
Engineering, University of Illinois Researcher, Brookhaven Institute, New
York,Nippon Telegraph, Tokyo, Japan. 

(2) Arnie Kremer of UIC/Uyemura International Corporation, 20+ years exp,
Technical Sales rep, has been associated with companies such as Sel Rex, ACR
(American Chemical and Refining), and Shipley.

(3) Mark Previti of UIC, 10+ years exp, Tech Service Rep, spent several
years with Enthone OMI and Sel Rex in various R&D positions, he has
developed much experience in support of UIC's ENIG final finish process. UIC
is also the North American distributor of Degussa's precious metal products
and MEC of Japan etching and surface preparation products for PWB's and

The meeting is being held at Hallmark Circuits, Poway, CA on the Wed, 28th
of March. 

The chapter is planning on continuing the discussion of Surface finishes
with follow on presentations by Contract Assembly houses to put a
manufacturers point of view on these issues. This meeting is being scheduled
tentatively for the May time frame.

For further information see www.ipc.org/sandiego/index.html and click on

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Subject: IPC Designers Council Meeting Announcement

This is your requested notice about the next meeting of the San Diego
Chapter of the IPC Designer's Council.

Our next meeting will be March 28th, 2001 at Hallmark Circuits in Poway
at 6PM. Our guest speaker will be Phil Roberts of Cartel Electronics.
Phil will speak on the subject " All about PCB Surface Finishes. Which
one is right for my design? "

Please click on the following link to jump to our Event Announcement
page on the Internet for more details.

Our IPC Designers Council Membership in San Diego is now 30 members.
Come and join your colleagues in bringing current topics, professional
training and prestige to the PCB Design profession in San Diego County.
Dinner will be served promptly at 6PM... (don't be late). We look
forward to seeing you there.

Visit our website at the following address:

Bill Brooks
Education Officer and Webmaster for the IPC Designers Council, San Diego

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