> Does somewhere exist a list witch features are lost if I export a P99SE
> file format) schematic or pcb to V3 file format (File | Save as -> Format
> "PCB V3.0 Binary Files)?
> I should design a project (schematic and PCB) for a customer who has
> V3 (V3.6.0).
> Edi Im Hof

The following list (put together by myself, here and now, ) is not
necessarily complete, but provides details of some things to keep in mind:

- Previous versions have only 16 signal layers, 4 power plane layers, and 4
mechanical layers (instead of 32, 16, and 16 of each type).

- The sequence of internal copper layers is not definable, and properties
such as copper thickness, dielectric thickness, etc, are not definable.

- Vias can not connect to power plane layers (so (totally through-hole
MultiLayer layer) pads have to be used to connect to such layers instead).

- Arcs, fills, and tracks can not have a "KeepOut" property assigned to

- Design Rules can not be commented, and can not be disabled.

- Design Rules are less sophisticated in various ways; Room Definitions are
one aspect of Design Rules that are not provided or supported.

- Pads and vias can not have Top (side) or Bottom (side) TestPoint status
assigned to them.

- Solder Mask expansion values and Paste Mask expansion values (for pads and
vias) can *only* be set by Design Rules.

- Component Unions are not supported, and it is not possible to add or
remove primitive items from components (or at least not on an "on-line"

- Pad classes are not supported.

- The Power Print and CAM Manager Servers are not available for producing
printouts, NC Drill files, Gerber files, etc.

- Database files are not supported or used (which has an impact upon
controlling who can access files created and modified by using Protel).

(User-friendliness aspects)

- It is not possible to display the net assigned to each via (in the way
that the number and net of each *pad* can be displayed).

- Copper and mechanical layers can not be (re)named by the user.

- Lists of components, nets, etc, are displayed in alphabetically sorted
form rather than in alphanumerically sorted form.

- Auto-panning suffers more from the "loose steering wheel" problem, as the
Adaptive auto-panning option is not provided.

I suspect that others could add to this list (and I could probably do so
myself if I could spare some more time). Reading the Acrobat files (and
various other text files) that Protel has provided (with their software,
SPs, and on their Website) will also provide details of features which are
newly provided (and bugs which have been fixed, and features which have been
enhanced). But hopefully this list has still given you some assistance.

Geoff Harland.
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