Thanks for this insight, Mr. Lomax.

Although this is a bit off base, some may even yell at me for introducing
thread, but I think I should comment that Protel attempted to use it's shape
router design in PCAD, after it acquired Accel. Let's just say that those
that tool here simply lost there minds and yearn for the days of the Tango
again. Yes, there are alot of red faced chicken over here. Gawd... some kids
listen, nor do they take reality very well.

I am more than content with SE99. Is it safe to run both PCAD and SE99 on
the same
machine ? (I know, why would one except the inflicted like me have to do so
:{)  ?
Anyway, the installation of PCAD2001 seemed to attack SE99. Protel in it's
gave PCAD2001 it's simulator and Camtastic engines. I managed to
Protel and save the day (thank God). I felt like that guy waking up in the

I am off on the logic while Protel has not moved to merge the best of this
two tools
and why PCAD2001 now appears to refuse SE99 exports. Is this the same
company ???

Last but not least, I also heard from a Protel Sales rep that there 'might'
fresh Protel in the fall. No promises though. Maybe that's why the price
kicked in early (?). Would that mean a free 2001 upgrade for a late buyer ?
That is 
a good question. I do dreaming of a fully integrated 3D import/export engine
subsequent thermal modeling. Indeed, I want the brass ring.... 

I just had an odd thought that the new autorouter service release may in
fact be
PCAD's much more expensive Prorouter option.... wouldn't that be a surprise

Guigne International Limited
Paradise, Newfoundland 

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>But, when talking about SPECCTRA,
>did you find an alternative similarly mighty? I would appreciate to find
>one, as we need to upgrade our SPECCTRA license just now and their prices
>are extreme.

How about Protel a few months from now?

The rumor is that Protel will soon be issuing a service pack with a major 
autorouter overhaul. A Protel employee indicated to me that he had used it 
and it was comparable to Specctra.

Now, this is *rumor.* My memory might be bad, the employee might be 
exaggerating. But I think any Protel licensee who is now considering 
Specctra should be aware of the possibility that this rumor is true.

After all, the price is right. If it does come out as a service pack, it's 
free to existing licensees. It might explain the coming price rise. An 
improved router would definitely be worth $2K more.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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