Gisbert Auge Wrote:
>But  for normal working
> situations why not organise libraries in a way, that there are no
> footprints with the same name in the PCB libraries? This avoids any
> unwanted effects of this kind from the very beginning.

In theory very nice but the practical situation is sometimes different....

My sheet symbols have some 'default' footprints, this makes schematic
drawing easy. If I place a 74HCT00 device I have two 'default' footprint
fields 'DIP14' and 'SO14'.
A lot of other stuff is also using the same footprint.

Suppose that I change something in the PCB footprint then I have two
-1- Save the changed footprint to another name and all the default footprint
names in the schematic symbols are useless.

-2- Change the component without changing the name, and live with the fact
that there is a possibility to have two different components with the same
name in the library cache.

If the footprint is changed because there is a real problem with the old
version, wrong dimensions or something, then I don't like option 1.
It means that the wrong footprint is still available. Even if you delete it
from the library then it might pop up from an old design and getting into
the cache.

There is an item in the knowledge base at
Protel Knowledge Base Item ID: 1934
How does the component cache in Protel 99's schematic editor differ from
previous versions?

In Protel 99 all the component attributes' are compared as the components
are being added to the cache, including the component name, graphic and text
fields. If the components are not identical in every detail then both are
included in the cache. This behavior means that in Protel 99 two components
on a sheet can have the same name, but have different graphic and/or text

It would be nice if Protel could give a warning if this situation occurs. It
is not always a problem but I want to be aware of it when it happens.
It would be even nicer if there is also an option to compare the internal
cache and the library files.

Suppose that I add some details to the silkscreen of a footprint to make it
look nicer. Such a change is not critical for a design. I don't want to make
changes in 'old' designs, but if I make a revision then I want to 'update'
the 'old' footprint to the new 'nice-looking' one.

If Protel could give a report option to compare the cache against the
library, after loading a design, then it could point us the components which
have the same name but are not completely identical.

[Dream mode on]

  Load a file into Protel

  Start 'report library component compare'

  Protel reports:  library component 'X' found # times. Version 1.5 and
Version 1.6
  Do you want to show them in overlay mode and highlight differences?

  After checking the differences, choose  'Update all instances to new
version' or 'Update selection to new version' or 'Cancel'

[Dream mode off]

Aalt Lokhorst (e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED])

          Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv
          Duinkerkenstraat 21
          9723 BN  Groningen, The Netherlands
          tel. +31 50-5877877
          fax. +31 50-5877899
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