I also think it works like Andrew describes, for instance as for my
experience. I came across this behaviour already in version 2.8, when I was
merging libraries from different developers. But, for normal working
situations why not organise libraries in a way, that there are no different
footprints with the same name in the PCB libraries? This avoids any
unwanted effects of this kind from the very beginning.


Gisbert Auge

"Jon Elson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 16.07.2001 21:23:53

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] Which library is used in "UpdatePCB"

Andrew Ircha wrote:

> You're close but not quite there. I was making modification in one
> library, hiting UpdatePCB (which presents as a button in the explorer
> panel), and instead of putting my new, freshly changed footprint into
> the open PCBs, it was taking a footprint with the same name *from a
> totally different library* and using that instead - it didn't appear to
> be taking other footprints. It was ignoring my hard work :-|

Yes, I think it searches the names on all open libraries in order, and
takes the first match of that name, whether it is the newly edited
part or not.  Definitely a poor way to do things.  In so many other cases,
if there is a question about which thing you intend to change, you get
a dialog box to select the right one.  This is why it is a good practice
to open libraries, place the parts, and then close all the libraries, and
make a project library from the placed parts.

> I think I'd understand Protel updating *all* open PCBs with my new
> changes, even if it isn't a great thing to do, but it wasn't even doing
> that. It was taking the altered footprint's name, and updating my open
> PCB with a footprint from another library which happened to have the
> same name. Nasty.

Yes, at least this behavior should be thoroughly documented, and
suitable warnings given that this can cause unexpected results.

But, your hard work isn't lost.  It is still in the library part that you
modified.  If you close the other libraries that have interfering part
names, and do the update again, it will work right.


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