At 16:26 27.07.01 -0400, you wrote:
>Just as an idea for someone swifter than me (don't know if it would be 
>less work than just doing the manual entry in Protel) for dealing with 
>manufacturer PDF files for high pin count devices:  The latest version of 
>ScanSoft OmniPage Pro Version 11.0 (used to be Caere) includes the ability 
>to "scan" PDF files (or selected parts thereof) and save them as MS Word 
>files or  ASCI text files.  OmniPage specifically recognizes tables and 
>also bit-map drawings (with a little bit of help on boundaries).  While 
>just released, I have tried OmniPage on some component PDF files and it 
>seems to do a pretty good job with the error rate on table recognition 
>(errors usually flagged) being less than eyeball manual entry.  I haven't 
>yet tried the next stage of getting these "pin tables" into Protel (just a 
>bit beyond my skills at this time).

I'm not shure if I have understand the question exactly.
You like to include a pdf or a part of a pds into a pcb file?

It should be possible if the pcb is created with a vector based software. 
You can then import the pdf into Corel Draw. Then you can ungroup the 
imported cluster and edit every single item of it. Export it as dxf and 
import it into Protel.
Haven't done it this way, but the other: "print" the pcb to a pdf, import 
it to Corel, edit it and used it in MS-Word. Worked fine.

Edi Im Hof

>Cheery Bye from Duane (by your standards a Protel toy-user)
>PS:  I don't work or own stock with ScanSoft.  Caveat Emptor!!
>Quote of the Day:  The experts say that married men live longer than 
>single men.  The experts don't mention that this is part of the punishment!
>At 12:44 PM 7/27/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>>On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> > The pin data probably does exist somewhere as a text file or bonding 
>> details of
>> > die pad location ( in x,y ) to pin number on the package. But for 
>> manufacturers
>> > to put these into Protel specific format, its not going to happen soon.
>>I don't need it in Protel format, just plain text, CSV, Excel, _anything_
>>more machine readable than pdf, which is people-readable.
>>I'm prepared to write (or have written) perl / python / whatever proglets,
>>or even editor macros, to turn the manufacturers info into an ASCII PCB
>>part - there's no magic to it at all. Typing these things in, over and
>>over again, is futile, error-prone and dull.
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