I salute your valiant attempts to prevent spammers from doing what they love
to do.  However, I wonder if it will really have the desired effect.

IMO, there are four rules about dealing with spam:
1)  NEVER reply to spam
2)  If you are thinking of replying to spam, see rule (1)
3)  NEVER click-through to spammer's websites
4)  NEVER open spam attachments

If everyone followed these four simple rules, there would be no spam.  There
would be absolutely no economic incentive to create it.  When you reply to
spam, even in protest, you are signalling the spammers that their campaign
is effective, and that your e-mail address is valid and there is a warm body
viewing the e-mail.

I suppose one thing that might be effective is an option in an e-mail
program to produce a simulated error message that looks like it came from
the e-mail relay server.  You would have to be able to select a particular
message(s) in your in-box for error reply.  Then, perhaps, the spammer will
cull invalid e-mail addresses from their lists.  Anyone know how to do this?

Sad but true:  laws regarding acceptable Internet usage are irrelevant.
Spammers can take their operations outside of national jurisdictions, as
many have already.

Spam I'd like to see:  free, complete plans for a safe, working fusion
electric generator that you can build from Home Depot materials, put in your
garage, and use tap water as fuel!  Oh, and I want the plans in PDF
format...  ;-)

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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Subject: [PEDA] FYI: addresses @ ib-systems (was spam trawlers)

> Pardon the interruption,
> I apologize at the outset for continuing this thread, but I only do so
because it has brought to light a problem with this group that we haven't
really encountered with any degree of certainty in the past, and which now
appears to be coming into reality as a threat to our "safety".
> On to the good stuff...
> For those of you, who like me, have received the unsolicited advertisement
from ibsystems for their EDAToolsCafe, I bring you a modest gift; the
following addresses for your review and do with as you like. Feel free to
give them to your friends, spammers, or simply email them several copies of
your complain as a barter payment  for their spam. An Ldap, WHOIS, or PH
search will reveal several other addresses for many of these individuals,
including home addresses!, and a bit of additional investigation and thought
can be used to isolate any multiple entires to their appropriate owners. I'm
pretty sure that these folks don't want their privacy indvaded  (at home, at
least)any more than any of us...
> Schmidtmann, Carl  (CS121)
>   Heller, David  (DH230)
> William Crooke
> (for those of you in the local area)
> William R Crooke
> Pomona, CA 91766
> 909-629-0046
> Nathan Winant
> Feel free to email them (all) describing your discomfort at their
unsolicited broadcast, and maybe we can all get it thru their thick skulls
that we don't appreciate the use of this mailing list for their spam
> For those of you who feel like leaping to the defense of marketeers or
otherwise arguing that "spam isn't really a problem, just delete it", please
understand that this isn't 1993-4-5, when the problem was relatively
insignificant. This is ramping up, and legislation is being drafted to
dissolve almost all protection against these creeps. Please at least take a
few minutes of quality time and ask yourself whether you really want YOUR
Internet experience to be turned into television . It's neither impossible,
nor is it that far away, if people argue that we should instead shut up and
sit down.
> And one more word. For those of you who feel as I do, PLEASE think about
writing a note to your local congress person or your local analogy to let
them know you want these assholes legislated off our backs, or at least
blocked from creating legislation which legitimizes their harassments. You
don't have to write a 10-page paper, but you do have to "cast your vote". If
you don't, no-one will.
> <soapbox mode off>
> Have a nice day,
> aj

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