On 05:41 PM 4/09/2001 -0700, Brad Velander said:
>         I think that something is hooped in your Protel. I do the sort of
>thing that you are talking about but have not seen the issue you have. Oh,
>hold it,stop the presses.
>         Dennis, I believe that you may find that it is not regenerating the
>all the Gerbers. Could it just be re-exporting with a new date and time
>stamp, the previous Gerbers when it exports the newly generated Gerbers? Are
>you looking at the date and time stamps only or have you viewed the Gerbers
>and noted changes? I bet the export facility, exports everything in the
>internal DDB directory, everytime it is run.
>         Rename the old Gerber files within the DDB directory and then do a
>test again, I bet it exports the old DDB cam files with their new name when
>you generate a new set of cam files. I am thinking that the export function
>just blindly dumps all the files contained in the CAM directory out to the
>external directory and the OS puts a new date and timestamp on them.
>Brad Velander,

Brad, that was my thought, it might be an export bug rather than a gerber 
generation bug.  Which ever - it sounds like a bug.  As Dennis worked 
through - it can have disconcerting and worse results.

So there ought to be a CAM option to clean the CAM folder first - or 
manually clean it before you re-run the CAM generator.

If it really is an export issue is it pretty amateurish, don't you 
think.  What thinking programmer would really feel happy that they had done 
their job well.  It doesn't take much thought to figure that CAM output 
will typically be generated multiple times in the final stages of preparing 
a release.

I despair sometimes. I am waiting for the day when engineering is really 
part of "software engineering".

Ian Wilson

(I hope that I haven't just shot my mouth off over something 
unwarranted...still the comments can apply to some other part of 
Protel.  Ahh, the luxury of being a consumer of a product rather than the 

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