I need to keep several mm clear around an op amp input.  On the power planes
this is easy, as I just place a fill on the plane, and that removes the
copper (I hope).

I am also placing a gnd pour on the top and bottom layers.  I have found
that a fill on the keep out layer works to keep the area clear of the
poly-plane, but causes DRC errors.  is there a more correct way to do this?

Mike ingle


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From: Colby Siemer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] Graphic cards and performance

Ahh... finally resubscribed after my most recent dislocation.

Hello again :)

Another possibility here is that it is not related to graphics or
performance issues related to hardware at all.

It is also possible(since selecting a via seemed to trigger it) that this is
just another instance of the slowdown caused while 'Analyzing Nets'

If that via was part of a large net, that is also likely connected to
polygons, then hiding that net will remove the pause.

Also... ATI(especially RAGE Chipset) has old long standing issues with
Protel and lock-ups.  Turning the hardware acceleration down one notch will
fix this in some cases.  As video cards are relatively in-expensive I have
always suggested buying a new card.  Last I remember the consensus for good
success and stability was placed on Matrox cards.

More and faster video memory will help with Screen redraws while moving
through a PCB...  but I don't think they help with much more than that.

I am currently using an ATI Radeon 64(after promising myelf I would never
again purchase ATI :) ) and I have had good performance with Protel(and
Excellent performance in my games)... no problems I can relate directly to
the video card... so maybe ATI has stepped things up a bit on their new

Colby Siemer
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Subject: [PEDA] Graphic cards and performance

> I noticed someone else mentioned they used a TNT card.
> I have NT4 on an 800MHz Athlon, with 1GB, but I often find Protel 99SE
> (SP6) pausing after simple operations (like selecting a via for
> example).
> I don't, however, think the graphics card is the latest and greatest.
> What do others think about how the graphics card they have affecting the
> performance of Protel 99SE?
> I have a Rage128 Pro (AGP 4x)
> Regards,
> --
> Andrew Ircha

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