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At 09:49 AM 10/4/01 +1000, Ian Wilson wrote:
>>"PROTEL for PCB design cannot handle high complexity electrical designs 
>>and especially high speed designs. The route tool software applications 
>>are limited in the control a designer has, especially in fan outs on high 
>>pin count high density designs (tracks per inch)."
>First off - I have read the other comments on this thread.  Few seem to 
>address the actual statement " The route tool software applications are 
>limited in the control a designer has, especially in fan outs on high pin 
>count high density designs (tracks per inch)."  Not that I am criticising 
>the balancing discussion that the question has engendered.
>I would say the statement is TRUE.

Yes, obviously, the route tool statement is true. So if you need that kind 
of router control, buy Specctra. What, $50K to get what you would really need?

>I do not know how I could "control fan outs on high pin count high density 
>designs (tracks per inch)" with the current router - maybe by some clumsy 
>net class/clearance rule.

Well, how about by manually creating fanouts? It's actually quite easy....

>Now, if we looked forward we may get a better auto-router but we have been 
>waiting for some time on *any* news on this and the other major directions 
>that any new version will take Protel.  I would be surprised if a new 
>router was to be a service pack to P99SE. Rather I would expect it to be a 
>major selling point of a new version.

Yes, pretty likely at this point. Timing is rumored to be before the end of 
the year. I'm tapping my fingers on the table for Beta to appear.

>If I was a potential buyer and had been following many of the threads on 
>this forum for the last few months, say, then I would certainly be asking 
>pretty hard questions of the sales staff  - particularly about the timing 
>of future versions.

I'd still go with Protel, but I would press pretty hard to get a guarantee 
that the next release was free.

The current release is quite stable, and so if one also got the next 
release, one could use it for autorouting if nothing else, until it is 
reasonably bug-free. I'm *hoping* that Protel does not wait for the program 
to be perfect before at least taking it into Beta. As Beta-testers, we 
don't expect a program to be perfect!

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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