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On 01:34 AM 10/5/2001 -1100, Douglas McDonald wrote:
>Perhaps I ought to balance my own reply by telling you that the software has 
>definitely got faults. In the hour I was there, I saw it throw a GPF under W98; its 
>got a dongle (which we all loathe) and there's plenty missing from it - schematics 
>are multi-sheet only (no hierarchy) etc etc.
>I didn't mean to sound like an ad, I probably just had my rose-tinted specs on and I 
>don't think it's appropriate to post data about competetitive packages here except to 
>stimulate development of our beloved tool (blushes). Protel should be aware that 
>people are not always going to accept the limitations of software tools and 
>increasing prices to boot.
>If you still want to know, mail me direct ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and I'll 
>find out the URL for you.

Product naming has a long standing tradition here. Every one of the major players in 
the field has had their name posted to the group on nearly a weekly basis for the last 
several years. Advertising a product is one thing, but informational posts with direct 
correlation to a short-coming of the topic product (aka Protel EDA) is entirely within 

Doug, I personally think it would be quite beneficial to the group to post the product 
name/mfg here, as it would validate those claims to the Protel/Altium lurker staff, 
thereby applying more than implicative pressure on the company. You know how it is 
with unsubstantiated allegations, whether against a concern or in favor of 
another...They're unsubstantiated and therefore can easily be dismissed by those in 
the management track as nothing more than blather.

Evidence is worth its weight in gold.


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