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At 11:05 PM 10/5/01 +1000, Ian Wilson wrote:
I would like to encourage you to name names.  Anyone else want to man the 
rack while I attend to the thumb screws? :-)
>Seriously, I see the capabilities of competitive packages very relevant to 
>this Protel forum. Does anyone else agree that we should name names?

The narrow view of this list, with which I do not agree, is that it is 
exclusively for support issues, i.e., how do I do this? or is this a bug, 
and is there a workaround?

A wider view is that it reflects a full user group, which has, in addition 
to user support, the encouragement of Protel toward improving the product, 
and any other matter that would be of interest to users, including social 
functions. Because serving all of these functions can increase the list 
traffic such that many users feel impelled to unsubscribe, there has been 
some movement toward making the Forum a pure support list and moving other 
traffic elsewhere; the original side-list was Techserv's developer's list, 
then the yahoogroups lists were started, and then Techserv started the Open 
Forum, duplicating [EMAIL PROTECTED]

However, unless and until we have a system which by default subscribes all 
new subscribers to a major set of all the lists (some lists exist for 
special purposes such as archives where general subscription would *not* be 
appropriate), thus allowing members to *unsubscribe* from what they don't 
want while still keeping what they want, it is important that this list 
(Techserv Forum) be somewhat open. Techserv, in the past, has not agreed, 
but *usually* leaves the list alone....

It is my view that discussing the capabilities of competing CAD systems 
*is* appropriate, for two reasons. The first is because some subscribers 
are, as in this case, trial users considering Protel purchase, and the 
second is that the capabilities of competing systems can point the way to 
Protel improvements. Few of us would consider leaving Protel entirely even 
if the magic CAD system that did everything efficiently, for a low price, 
suddenly appeared, unless the price was *so* low that we simply could not 
risk doing otherwise. It is highly unlikely that such a system is, in 
addition, going to be easy enough to learn that we could readily afford to 
make the change; after all, our investment in training dwarfs the cost of 
the software (True with Protel, not necessarily true with your very 
expensive packages, where those costs can be comparable.)

Now, I know of only one moderately priced (i.e., comparable to Protel) CAD 
system that processes and thoroughly checks negative planes, and it is 
CAMCAD. We have previously described how CAMCAD does this, it is not a 
simple task (I think the CAMCAD approach is essentially to run a flood 
router on the plane). In the long run, such checking is essential; negative 
plane checking is a major hole in our DRC.

There may be others. $400 per year is not CAMCAD, I don't think; that cost 
level is perhaps one-third to one-half of Protel's cost in the long run. It 
is low enough that I might buy a license just to play with it.

There are also other factors in choosing a CAD system, including the 
availability of design services using the system or of trained designers 
available to work with it, as well as available support.

Until the cost gets really large, usually the other factors outweigh the 
cost, for professional use.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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