At 01:06 AM 11/3/01 -0800, Tony Karavidas wrote:
>The exception is that Altium has no brand recognition right now because the
>name is so new...

Actually, it seems it is not so new. When the name was announced, I had an 
immediate aversion to it, it seemed so ... hip, only several years 
out-of-date hip. I thought I had heard, some years back, names like that. 
Trendy. Then.

I may have been right. I've been told that Altium was the name for the 
company that owned PCAD for a time, while IBM essentially owned PCAD. 
Someone correct me if I am wrong!

So it was not difficult for Protel to obtain the rights to the Altium name, 
since they bought PCAD (those rights may have come with PCAD, though I have 
a vague memory of the mention of some payment to IBM in connection with this).

I suppose the idea was that the name *did* have recognition value. From my 
response and that of others here, this may have been a mistake, at least 
with regard to the U.S. market.

If I've got the story right, it should have been noticed that PCAD as 
Altium was not particularly successful!

But it's not a *terrible* name. Personally, what I would have done would 
have been to sponsor a user contest (among those using the various 
products), pick some acceptable names, and then poll users about them. The 
final decision, of course, would have been up to the board; but thousands 
of minds are better than a few!

As long as the name chosen was reasonably popular, it would have increased 
user impression that the company was *their* company. Of course, Altium 
would need to maintain other reasons why users would feel that way, but 
every little bit helps.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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