On 09:11 AM 15/11/2001 +0100, Bolis Bortolo BB PCBDesign said:
>FAQs on ATS available at Altium site
>Bolis Bortolo

Thanks for pointing this out, Bolis.

That has certainly answered some of the questions floating about.

1) Clearly, as Abd ul-Rahman Lomax has been writing, we do not yet know the 
P99SE to P???? upgrade price.
2) For a full suite license of P99SE the annual maintenance cost is about 
25%.  So Altium would have to be almost doubling industry standard 
performance to justify almost double the reported industry standard 
maintenance costs.  (It has been reported on this forum that "industry 
standard" maintenance is 12 to 15% - I can't vouch for this as I use no 
software on maintenance.)

According to conversations I have had, Altium R&D have said they think they 
can deliver value.  It seems to me they are saying that they can improve 
Protel at roughly twice the rate that the rest of the industry is 
improving.  A big ask...  I would probably pay up if this was the case, 
however I remain more than a little skeptical.  Such an improvement rate is 
easy if you are coming off a low base.  So does this mean that R&D think 
that P99SE is a poor product ripe for massive improvements?  Or is just 
that Oz programmers are twice as good as the rest? Which they are of course 
:-)  **

I wonder what sort of discussion we will be having in October of 2002 - 
when the first lucky sods have to make the decision on whether to cough up 
or not.  And then again in March or April or whenever in 2003 that the rest 
of us will start to be hit?

I tell you what - a quality (bug and feature wise) release of the next 
upgrade is more than a little important to Protel just now don't you 
think?  I wonder if Protel history can be re-written?

Ian Wilson

** - this is a curious thing called a "joke".  Most older dictionaries will 
have this word, some newer ones may not.

PS I am fully aware that western Russian programmers have a legit claim to 
be the worlds best.  If you want to discuss this one lets take it to the OT 

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