Hi Abd,

>>Can I use NetLabels in projects with complex hierarchy? I need to
>>NetLabels for bus. But if I set Net Identifier Scope how Sheet Symbol/
>>Port Connnection all net in bus are missed.

AuRL> With Sheet Symbol/Port Connections all nets are purely local, i.e., they 
AuRL> connect only to the sheet on which they are found, unless they are 
AuRL> explicitly connected off-sheet by means of a port, which is then connected 
AuRL> on a higher level schematic.

AuRL> This connection scope is very useful for putting together schematics from 
AuRL> pieces of projects; you don't have to worry about duplicated net names 
AuRL> across sheets.

AuRL> With Ports Only Global, all ports create global nets, that is, ports of the 
AuRL> same name will unconditionally connect to ports of the same name anywhere 
AuRL> in the project.

AuRL> With Net Labels and Ports Global, every net on every page is global. Unless 
AuRL> you add ports, this is what you want.

AuRL> Personally, I recommend adding the ports, at least, and using one of the 
AuRL> other two connectivity schemes. It forces you to make very clear what goes 
AuRL> off-sheet and what does not.

AuRL> Abdulrahman Lomax
AuRL> Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

Thank you very much for explanation. But I asked about other.

I have gate on first list. One input connected to bus via wire with
netlabel. This net (with netlabel) is going out bus on other side of schematic and
connected to port. Port has same name with netlabel. On second list
this port connected with resistor.

When I start ERC (Sheet Symbol/Port Connnection option)
it gives me error marker on gate's input
(Unconnected, Floating and etc.)

When I delete bus and connect input to port directly there aren't any
errors and warnings.

Conclusion: Protel doesn't understand connection by netlabels on same
list when I use Sheet Symbol/Port Connnection option.

Is it true? Or I have made mistake somewhere?


Best regards,
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