Not to add too much more to the OT discussion..

But, there are a number of ways to deal with the different glibc link 
issues.  Actually easier to deal with than the DLL Hell world of Windows 
which can bite you in may subtle ways..

Also, Star Office Beta 6.0 is quite good, and stable.  There are a few 
rough edges but I've found it to work well enough that I'm using it instead 
of M$oft office on both Windows and Linux..  Does a pretty good job of 
importing/exporting M$oft office docs.

You don't really need to have separate boot options to deal with the 
different versions of glibc that are linked with by older software.

Regarding speed.. I use SO 6.0 on Win2K and on an identical Linux box, same 
ram, MB, clock speed.  It is definitely faster on the Linux box and the KDE 
shell doesn't to the same kinds of annoying random "refreshes" that the 
Win2K shell (and Win98) does.

But, given that Protel still has a number of buglets under Windows I agree 
with the observation that asking their developers to divert resources to 
producing a Linux version might not be the best use of their resources.  Of 
course it is always possible that a number of the buglets actually stem 
from some Windows related issues that are not being properly handled, in 
which case a Linux/Unix version might wind up being more stable.

I would suggest taking the Linux requests off the list, so we can focus on 
more direct Protel issues/questions/workarounds, and sending your request 
directly to Protel for consideration.  If enough people indicate an 
interest directly to Protel in a Linux version then that would the best way 
to convince them to consider producing one.


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