I have two add-ons that i would like to share with others. They have saved
me a lot of time. They are unfortunately not very well documented. I
haven't had time to write any help files. I will put a readme file with the
add-ons that give some instructions about how to use them. I don't have
time to give any support to them but if you have questions you can send me
an email.

The first is a pcb utility that makes identical copy of a pcb layout. It is
very useful for complete subcircuits and for example decoupling capacitor
placement on identical circuits. It does not copy components, it moves them
to a new location. That means when you have made your master copy of the
subcircuit you can get other components to replicate this pattern. It uses
the designator with an increment number to determine which components to
move. This requires that you spend some time when you annotate your
schematic, but it is usually worth it. I have been trying to rewrite it to
increase stability and performance, but I haven't found the time. That's
the reason I haven't released this earlier.

The second is a schematic utility that let you perform a global change on
document options so that you can easily change information used in your
templates. This saves a lot of time compared to editing every schematic.

I will try to upload these two add-ons to the protel-users yahoo-group
later today.

Mattias Ericson


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