> I teach first year students electrical drawing with CAD.
> We create schematics and pcbs (single and double-sided only), to give them
> the basic concepts and to enable them to use the software to help in other
> areas of their courses (electronics etc).
> We have just upgraded to Protel 99SE after using Protel 98 for about 4
> I like the 3D pcb viewer because I think it will help students "visualize"
> end product (electronics is new to many of them).
> Could anyone help with more information about how the 3D footprint is
> generated?  For example, I understand that if I use a designator for a
> D1 then I get a 3D diode footprint, whereas if I use LED1 then I get a
> that looks like an LED.
> Where can I find more details about the "rules" in this area?
> Liane Williams

I am not sure what the story is about that aspect of (PCB) components and

According to SDK documentation (released more than twelve months ago, and
thus no longer data of a confidential nature) (PCB) Component objects have a
Height property. That property is not changable or viewable, per se, from
any standard dialog boxes, and while I have yet to experiment with that
aspect of components while using the SDK files, Ian Wilson has previously
made a post (I can't remember the exact details off-hand) which suggests
that that aspect of components is not entirely flawless.

I have not really experimented with the 3D viewer much myself. When I did
try it out on one occasion, my PC crashed at the time... Perhaps a really
fast PC (or the right type of display card) helps, but I have found updates
of views to be very.... very... slow....

Geoff Harland.
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