Brad, I'll try that. FYI, it doesn't even occur when I'm working with
another pcb in the SAME .ddb file. Very frustrating. It's happened in the
past but just seems to go away or only happens with a few commands, now it's


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        my first guess is that something has corrupted your "ADVPCB.DLL"
file. Others would probably know better if I am wrong. First thing that I
would do is to save and protect any files that you have customized (ie. INI
files, libraries, etc.).

        If this error is only occuring in one database (try others to see if
they are acting similarly), then you can try the database repair facility
which is found under the Downward Arrow on the menu bar, under the Design
Utilities, Repair tab. You must have the database closed to perform the
database repair.

        Then Protel has a repair facility built into their install CD. This
will repair/replace damaged install files. After applying the repair
facility you should probably also apply the latest service pack which you
had previously installed. Should be SP6.

        Short of that, I can't think of anything else. Other may have better

Brad Velander.

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From: Tim Fifield [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PEDA] Please HELP!

Every time I do something in 99SE PCB editor I get a little window that says

 "Access violation at address 0E347E2A in module 'ADVPCB.DLL' Read ...

Exception Information:

Exception Occurred in
PCB: (What ever the last command was)

Note: After any system crash it is good practice to save your work and
restart windows.



What is going on!? I've restarted 3 times now and the first thing I do gives
me that message.

I'm using 99SE SP6 with windows 2000 sp2.

Please help me!

Tim Fifield

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