Once again humbled by the master...

I was not aware that an item that was designated keepout did not plot.  The
little red squares I was inserting as keepouts were being removed because I
thought they would plot. Never thought to try it and sure enough they don't.

So try this:

Edit a 1206 footprint
put a top side fill between the pads.
right click the fill and check keepout
pour a top side polygon over the footprint (notice no copper between pads)
pour a bottom side polygon over the footprint (notice no keepout hole)
plot the result and view in Camtastic.

The copper fill-made-keepout DOES NOT PLOT.  This is perfect.

BTW  the reason I like to use the fill instead of the trace is the way the
poly pours around the rectangle with sharp corners as compared to the trace
with rounded ends. The sharp corners match the edges of the pads and don't
allow poly to "sag" into the track's end radius.

Thanks for all those that contributed.  Now off to edit my lib.


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Mr. Jenkins seems to have misunderstood the keepout attribute, as others 
have noted. When a primitive has the keepout attribute, it does not 
photoplot and it does not implement connectivity. (If someone finds an 
example where it does, they have found a bug.)

I was unaware that there was a setting which allowed the plotting of 
layer-specific keepouts, but the report that the default is No makes me not 
so worried about that....

If you want to see what the board will look like when plotted, hide 
keepouts  in the option screen that sets final/draft/hidden. I haven't 
checked this right now, but as I recall, and as one would expect, this 
prevents keepout display so you will only see copper on, say, the top layer 
even if top layer keepouts are present.

Keepouts are otherwise displayed as if they were objects on the layer, 
except they are given a distinctive appearance, as I recall, an outline.

So the answer to Mr. Jenkin's problem is to place a keepout fill where he 
wants no pour. *Not a fill on the keepout layer, but a surface layer fill 
with the keepout attribute checked.* Or he can just as easily use a keepout 
track. A fill might be aesthetically more satisfying.
Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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