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>Hi [...] Our company has bought additional
>licenses in July 2001. I think there is one year ATS included.

Unless Altium/Protel sales represented otherwise for a particular customer, 
ATS has not been included in P99SE licenses purchased before October 1, 2001.

I've never been fond of sudden drop-off dates unless they are announced in 
advance. In this case, Protel retroactively issued ATS to purchasers before 
the announcement, by about a month. That was nice. What is not nice is that 
the cost to purchasers just before that date is drastic. I'd suggest to 
Protel that the cost of jumping a cut-off date be limited to a certain cost 
per month. That would clearly be fair if the cost were low enough. I'd 
suggest $200 per month or fraction of a month before October 1, which is 
certainly a tad more, but not a lot more than the planned ATS cost.

Altium could announce the right of pre-Oct 1 purchasers to purchase one 
year of ATS for their license, expiring Oct 1, 2002, for $200 per month for 
month or part-month that their license purchase preceded Oct 1, 2001. This 
offer could be time-limited.

If you bought in July, you could buy into ATS as if you had purchased Oct 1 
for a payment of $600 per license. (Sometimes I think Protel discounts 
multiple licenses, but I won't consider that.)

If Altium were to announce the upgrade pricing for pre-Oct 1 licensees, a 
lot of discomfort among users could be avoided (or, unfortunately, if the 
pricing is too high, discomfort could be increased, but in any case sooner 
is better). Then users could decide and, in fact, they could buy ATS 
immediately, particularly if such voluntary purchasers had ATS dated from 
the release of Phoenix, which is when they would have otherwise purchased it.

Enlightened users and enlightened companies have a convergence of 
interests. We need Altium to be successful, it is a disaster for us if they 
are not. And Altium obviously needs us to be happy with the software and 
the company, whether or not they realize it. Some users will complain about 
almost anything the company does, but most of us will be satisfied with 
what is fair.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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