You are right, I may need to re-install Protel again.--There will be a lot
of work but no other way around. Thanks all for helping.

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From: Dwight Harm [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] How to change Netlist lines back to solid lines?

Just to be clear, you mean the ratsnest lines show as dotted or dashed --
not hidden -- right?  I've never seen that happen, even for partially-routed
nets.  Does it matter what layers are being displayed?  What if you turn off
the grids?  You might check the "layer drawing order" -- mine has
Connections about 3rd or 4th from the top (as I recall).  You could promote
Connections to the top of the list and see if that helps.

You might try creating a new PCB document, update that from your schematic,
and see if the ratsnest lines are solid there.

You could try Protel support, too; or reinstall.


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From: Shuping Lew [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 1:04 PM

No, The board is placed but not rounted yet. But I did load the netlist into
the PCB few times. At first the netlist lines were solid. But now they are
hidden lines. Not sure when did that happen because I turned them off for
placement till now.

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From: Casey Vanderweide [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 12:09 PM

Do you have any pre routed nets on your board when loading in your netlist?
It might be that you're looking at partially routed nets which causes the
ratsnest line to turn into a dashed line.

Casey Vanderweide.

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> My problem is when I turn on the netlist connection, all the net lines
> up as broken lines instead of solid lines regardless what color I am
> I can not find any place to change netlist to different line style. It
> only netlist color can be changed but not the line style in Protel...What
> bodering me is I did not change anything and the netlist just came up as
> broken lines couple days ago. Is it a Protel bug?

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