Tango, and Accell used the .pcb file format.

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I did some work for a local company that was a spin-off of Nortel and ran
into the same problem. The schematics were in Cadence but the PCB files were
unknown. I found out later that they were created using a proprietary layout
program of Nortels. It seems that this program is created by Cadence but
something about it is different. My only option at the time was to rebuild
the PCB from the gerbers, which fortunately I had. I fear that this might be
the same case with you.

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Subject: [PEDA] Want to know which program created some .PCB files

Hello all,

We have been given responsibility for a large suite of technology from a 
defunct US company (once owned by Cadence).  The schematics are in OrCad 
capture (DSN) format, but the PCBs are unknown.  I thought either OrCad 
Layout or Cadence Allegro but neither creates *.PCB files.

Inspecting the binary PCB files gives no apparent clue (no helpful text 
string embedded anywhere that gives any clues).

So what mainstream, and probably high end, programs create PCB files with a 
.PCB extension.  I have reason to believe that it was hosted on Windows but 
even it may have been a Unix variant.

It is not an option to send out a sample file (at least until we get 
through the pile and find some of the low-IP test jigs).

Not much to go on I know but has any one got any ideas?

Many thanks and for those that celebrate different occasions at this time 
of year, have a good one,
Ian Wilson

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