For what it's worth, I have just done something similar to what
you are suggesting. I have acquired a second hand notebook which
came with a reformatted disk and a copy of NT4 which I have
installed and upgraded to SP6.
I have installed Protel with its SP6 and copied all the .ini,
.raf etc. files from my previous installation and it now works.
The only problem I had was due to a reduction in screen size,
since the notebook does not support the 1600x1200 pixel structure
I have been using. I have some of the tool bars floating and
parked at the lower right of the screen (I am left handed and
this seems to work for me). The result of this is that the work
space overflowed the screen which I fixed by parking all these
toolbars at the top of the screen and then moving them to the
desired position. This had to be done for each project I opened.
All my original customizations now work although the list of
previously opened files did not necessarily correspond to real
paths on the new computer.


Bob Mitchell

> I'm attempting to move my installation of Protel99SE SP6 to a new machine. Of
> course I'm not going to delete the old installation until the new one is
> fully functional. I'm moving from W95 to W2K in the interest of the greater
> stability reported by many members of this group. I'm running into a few
> questions / issues:
> 1) Can I safely copy one or several .INI or similar files from the old
> installation to bring along my default settings? I'm finding out now just how
> much I had tweaked the defaults to get what I need for the type work I do.
> Seems like someone here described which groups of settings are in which
> files.
> 2) I'm seeing a Protel crash during shutdown. Apparently after saving the ddb
> (Access file system) but before deleting the old file (being kept around as a
> backup), I get two consecutive messages about Protel having attempted to read
> from memory it wasn't permitted, and a "Runtime error 216".
> 3) Possibly not Protel, but maybe something else I installed about the same
> time, keeps the system from going all the way to shutdown when I shut down
> Windows. I get all the way to a blank desktop, with mouse cursor still
> showing and movable, and the system hangs there (up to several hours that
> I've tested). Never gets to either the restart or the full shutdown I called
> for. I checked out the M$ KB and found some articles that looked promising,
> but none that panned out. I have Norton AV running and turned off the scan of
> floppies on shutdown.
> Any hints would be welcome. Thanks to all the regular writers on this list
> for all the shared knowledge you've developed and distributed.
> Steve Hendrix


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