Just an FYI in the midst of all the Microsoft/Protel bashing. I have
Protel99se SP6 up and running on my Windows XP Home box and have no problems
with either. SFC , sys info, and everything else work as they are suppose to
run. Protel99 works just as it did on my Win2k box. The only grief I have
had with XP was drivers for older hardware. Once I had all XP drivers all my
hardware and software works without a problem. The bigger problem I had was
getting Autocad 2000i to work correctly. I had to upgrade to Autocad 2002,
before that would work. 

Vince Vlach
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        since your problem is actually with Win XP Home, have you tried to
talk to Microsoft? Yeah I know, maybe an hour on the phone just to be
shunted around or told it is the applications problem, but somewhere,
sometime, Microsoft has got to be made responsible for their junk.
        Secondly, it doesn't seem that you have tried Protel for their
comments. They also have to be made responsible for their product. It would
be interesting if you posted Protel's response on Win XP back to forum
afterwards. Then we might all gleen some information on Protel's intended
handling of XP.
        Short of this, it seems that there are strong opinions on this forum
but little prospect of help for you because nobody else seems to be using or
planning to use XP. I do remember hearing almost the exact same problems
here or on the NGs a while back, never heard of anybody coming up with a
solution then either.

Brad Velander.

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Sorry to cover old ground...

What was the actual problem with 99SE on XP pro?

Thanks for trying to get back to the original problem.

I am really pleased that everyone has such strong opinions on Microsoft Win
XP and their preferences to W2K Pro, however, if I have followed the thread
correctly my original post was related to Protel 99 se SP4 on Win XP home.

I will install SP6 if the person that suggested this is what I should be
running would like to confirm that this prevents the problems in Win XP
home. I will install Win XP Pro if someone else can confirm that Protel 99
se works correctly without issues on this platform. I do not have W2K Pro
available and I don't believe that this should be a necessary step for what
is effectively a trivial Win XP Home compatibility problem that would take
very little time for Protel/Altium to sort out.

Protel 99 se SP4 does operate correctly on Win XP Home, however, it disables
a few features in Win XP Home that are what I would call a nuisance.

The problems were Win XP Home Help & Support fails to run and related
utilities, for example SFC /Scannow will not run, System Information will
not run. The only way to make these XP Home features work again is to format
and re-install XP, as soon as Protel 99 se is installed again the Win XP
Home features immediately fail.


Dez Ellis

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