First of all, there appear to be 2 different request for a resistor
supplier out there on the list with the same subject line within a week
of each other, looking for different kinds of resistors. This is in
response to you looking for a sense resistor.

It appears that at least some of the responders to your question do not
know what a sense resistor is. A "sense resistor" is the actual name of
a special type of precision low ohmage, high wattage, precision
tolerance (usually less than 1%) resistor, which is used to sense
current flow in a given circuit by measuring the voltage drop across the
KNOWN resistance, and the best way to look for one is to do a search on
the web using +SENSE +RESISTOR (with the plus in front of each word).
This will render a number of "hits", all related to sense resistors, but
most links not going to the resistors themselves, although you will find
a few. As a side note, I have not been able to find anything that looks
very suitable in the new Digikey Catalog, and since the resistance value
has to be specifically known, it will not do to attempt to make one out
of a copper trace as one responder suggested.

Needless to say, IRC would be my first choice. Have you looked thru
their entire product line, or done a search at their site for "sense" or
"sense resistor"? Have you thought about trying to get some samples
directly from IRC? Their website is at:

  ===> http://www.irctt.com

If you can't find anything there, you might want to try a company called
ISOTEK, and the following link may be a start to solving your problem,
although the tolerance seems to be outside the ballpark:

  ===> http://www.isotekcorp.com/pdf/SMK-New.pdf

Please remember that if you cannot find the exact value that you need
that you can combine two or more resistors (including sense resistors)
in parallel to get the exact value that you want. This also will allow
you to use lower wattages since each parallel resister is carrying only
part of the load.

I know that I have seen several very small surface mount tubular sense
resistors in circuitry that has come from Japan and China, but have
never been able to actually track down a source for them. You may be
able to find a surface mount tubular sense resistor close in size to
what you need, but remember that the tubular type resistors require
their own special footprint.

By the way, if you actually do find a good source for small surface
mount tubular sense resistors, please pass it on to me.

JaMi Smith
Optical Crossing Inc.
Glendale CA

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Looking for 0.004R (2512 footprint, 1-2W) sense resistor for switching
supply, can you help me?
I have one (IRC LRF 2512-01-R004-J http://www.welwyn-tt.com/lrc_fr.htm )
distributor says that you have to get 1800 (I need 100-200), you know
can get less?

Juha Pajunen, Hw Engineer
Bitboys Oy
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