once upon a time there were 5 technicians. Two technicians were so lazy
(one was me) we learned computers and layout software instead of red &
blue tape only. What happened to the three industrious red & blue tape
technicians: one moved to manufacturing (assembly and test), the other
two were laid off.


Jeff Adolphs
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Westerville, Ohio

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At 10:28 PM 2/7/2002 +1000, robi artwork wrote:

>I don't see a 3D Viewer as a must - If you do you homework - properly
>It seems to me more of a laziness of the engineer  to look after the 
>height restictions.

This, I will note, was an offensive comment. "Laziness" is perjorative;
we look at what it means we will realize that a good engineer is, in 
certain ways, lazy. A great deal of progress has come from the kind of 
"laziness" that Robi is dismissing.

A desire for computers to do accounting work, something that did not
when I was born -- except for some business machines that might possibly

qualify as computers in the most limited sense --, could certainly be
of a laziness of an accountant to do his arithmetic."

>I never had a 3D Viewer - I nevere want one.

We can see that we would never consider Robi for any complex work!

>If things need to be placed in a low area - you just need to take care
>it and watch out.

Well, duh!

I did some pretty complex work with tape and mylar. But I was pretty
I did not like to take all that time to stand there with someone else 
verifying all the connections against the schematic. So I took a VIC-20 
computer and wrote software to allow fast entry of net lists, optimized
minimize keystrokes, and then integrate the information from all layers
a design to make a single net list (the vias were numbered). This net
was then compared to a net list made from the schematic. Using diazo
of the design allowed us to check the design at the pencil stage, in 
parallel with the taping step. It was, in fact, more accurate than the 
usual two-person checking procedure. Yes, I was lazy, and the result was

better design, faster, and faster equals either cheaper or more
or both. And both are desireable.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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