Protel does not like to open databases in a directory that has any 
permissions applied. Especially across networks. You need to have an open 
directory for everyone. To protect the library make sure this is a copy only.
This has been my experience to date. So is your IT people now protecting 
the directory?
  We use one ddb for our schematic and pcb libraries with on problems. 
Makes life simpler.

At 07:47 PM 2/7/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>This one is for the Protel experts !
>Recently we switched to a new network server. The problem is that our
>libraries are being overwritten and corrupted. We are not able to save our
>parts edits to the libraries without the files being corrupted. I have spent
>many hours restoring these library files from backups, but the problem
>persists. We have a database file which is dedicated to our schematic
>libraries and anther database dedicated to our pcb libraries. All files in
>these databases are linked documents, this allows several users to access
>the libraries and make use of them even while others may be editting
>somewhere else on the network. Traditionally we have had no problems with
>this system, but since we updated our network with a new microsoft server we
>are constantly losing files or having them corrupted. For example I made a
>schematic library symbol for one of our engineers to use in a schematic he
>is currently working on. When I saved the part and reopened the library the
>part was not there. If I try to edit in any other schematic library or pcb
>library and then save the library file, the file gets overwritten with the
>schematic IC library. I have tried to move library files from the network
>onto my hardrive to isolate the problem and this appeared to work, at least
>my parts did not go missing, but another user found that the library he
>saved to his harddrive went bad (overwritten with the IC lib) . Needless to
>say this has been extremely frustrating for us and has slowed us down
>considerably. Our network administrator has tried to investigate this
>problem, but continues to assure me there is no way for the network to
>delete, corrupt, or overwrite data. He has carefully investigated the
>permissions and administration of the files on the network server and can
>find no reason why these files are being corrupted. I am hoping that someone
>with knowledge of how Protel interfaces with new operating systems and
>network software may be able to shed some light on this problem. Are you
>aware of Protel being incompatible with any network software systems ?
>Daniel Webster
>Northern Airborne Technology

Rusty Garfield
Development Technician IV
Sugar Land Product Center
(281) 285-7611 (voice)
(281) 285-7619 (fax)

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