At 06:13 PM 2/13/2002 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I apologise for repeating this request here, after posting on the Yahoo 
>PEDA list,
>but I note that the other list is hardly in use.

The readership of the other list is smaller, but it does include most of 
the major writers for this list. The other list was set up as a back-up 
list, because Techserv has gone down fairly frequently, and its welcome 
materials specifically encourage subscribing to this list (Techserv). 
However, posts to [EMAIL PROTECTED] do usually get answered; I 
think that this one might have been considered low priority. Normally we do 
discourage writing to both lists simultaneously (since we think that 
everyone on the yahoogroups list is probably also subscribed to this one) 
but the visitor did wait a decent interval, more than necessary.

I'm cc-ing Mr. Potts; perhaps Mr. Mayo already took care of that. I would 
really like to discourage posting through the Association web site, because 
there is always this question of response method.

This particular question was recently answered. I did a search on "library 
viewer" on the message list for [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The archive list is an open list, I don't think you have to join to read 
that page. There is a Search Archive entry field....

It did not find the postings to which I referred, but it did find the 
question and Mr. Mayo's response. I thought I'd take the occasion to remind 
users that the archive exists and is searchable. I suspect that only the 
subject lines are searched. More extensive searches might be done through, but there is a delay before web pages are indexed there.

There are 257 subscribers to [EMAIL PROTECTED]; the lack of 
activity there is deliberate, most of us, if we have questions, ask here, 
unless we think that Techserv might be down, which we are likely to know 
since it gets announced on protel-users. I highly recommend subscribing to 
protel-users, you will add very little traffic to your mail. If you ever do 
find that you are getting to much mail, you can set your user options on 
yahoogroups to "only special notices." This will leave the user group a way 
to contact you. (We haven't done that yet -- used the special announcement 
facility --, but times are changing!)

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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