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>My PCB is placed and routed manually, the disignators are very different 
>from its schematic.
>Is there any method to change the disignators in the schematic so that 
>schematic drawing could match the PCB?
>Posted from Association web site by: Jun Gong

We are seeing more of these posts, from the Techserv site (which is not 
really an association site, it belongs to Techserv, but that's another 
story....). It leaves us with the question as to whether or not we should 
reply on-list or off-list or both.  To cc the individual is extra work, 
Techserv is not set up so that the original poster's email address is 
transferred to a header that causes automatic inclusion in reply, as far as 
I can tell.

In this case, the visitor did not give us his e-mail, so presumably he will 
read response(s) from the web site. I'd recommend that he join the list, 
he'll get all the responses when they are made, and he will also see other 
posts. If I were learning Protel, I'd want to read this list, not just the 
answers to my own questions. I've been using Protel for a few years and I'm 
even considered an expert user (I'm not, in my opinion, but I just keep 
learning and I can write), and I still learn a lot.

As to the question, if the Schematic and PCB were matched at one time, it 
*might* be possible to use Update PCB in Schematic or Update Schematic from 
PCB to recover from renumbering. I'd copy the database and try it both ways.

But there is a very good possibility that this won't work, because of the 
history of the files. So to re-synchronize them will normally be a manual 
job. Pick one, edit the other to match. We have talked about the 
possibility of a resynchronizer that would analyze connectivity and 
re-establish the links, but we don't have such an animal yet. Nevertheless, 
there *is* a netlist comparison tool in Schematic (it's under Reports) that 
will assist in the job, especially when you get close to being done.

I'd start out by creating a net list from one or the other, then using it 
to identify reference designators on the other file. As I did this, I would 
edit them so that they correspond. Start with some unique part that you can 
easily identify. The more pins it has the better, unless they might have 
been exchanged (as with an FPGA, perhaps).

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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