We never really got to the bottom of it but we did the following to resolve

Upgrade to W2000 and ban W98 from using protel.
Specify at least 1G RAM
Forbid multiple access of schematics, though we do allow simultanious PCB /
SCH use - reluctantly.
Regularly backup to multiple destinations and keep a 30 deep history of
backups, disk space is plentiful.
Regularly compress the database
If possible store the .DDB on a local machine rather than a server

I think the main cause was W98 and low resources caused by background tasks.
We've not had a corruption in a very long time.

Protels' 'network awairness' is crap, considering its their selling point
its got to be taken with a pinch of

As I said previously, multiple users of the same .ddb can cause loss of data
as file / record locking is not done
right, its optional and manual.  It should work more like CVS whereby
changes can be merged and controlled.

Also when working on a network copy we get much more frequent 'Protel has
caused a...' messages.

There is somthing really screwy with it.  To give them grace, its probably
not Protel's fault, they are relying
of sombody elses software (JET) to work with multiple users.


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On 03:59 PM 14/02/2002 +0000, Jason Morgan said:
>Here's an interesting 'bug' for the database, or perhaps it will be when
>Its not much of one, and I don't want to start a big duscussion on file
>Try creating a .ddb then save it and exit.
>Rename it to a file with a single quote in it.
>MyDatabase.ddb -> Jason's Database.ddb
>Then try opening it.
>Hmm, where did that database go.....


There is a Protel KB item on this -  KB Item 1985.

I have been caught by this in the past as well.  But since Protel have the 
KB item I will not add it to the database (unless enough people request 
it).  What I am trying to achieve with the database is some visibility and 
memory of problems that have not made it to the Protel KB or have persisted 
so long that they should have been fixed by now.

Jason - did you get any further in determining why you had a many instances 
of DDB corruption while operating over the network?  This info and any 
warnings you can give would make a good bug database entry( or 
entries).  This is something that Protel KB is not very forthcoming on and 
the marketing bumpf makes claims to network operations.

Ian Wilson

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