Upon further investigation, it appears that my 3D viewer is not working at
all. When I try to view a very simple double side rectangle pcb it just
shows a blank workspace and sometimes I get the same warning message. I
tried reinstalling the server but it didn't fix the problem. I used to be
able to view the board in 3D. I think perhaps something went wrong when I
upgraded my OS from NT to 2K. I don't recall using the 3D viewer until now
since before I did that.


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Tim, in my experience DXF problems with splines and arcs seem
to be import round-off errors.

I've had some luck in regenerating the complex curve by manually re-entering
the arcs by opening the original file in Autocad while the imported file is
in Protel, then editing the arcs one by one in Protel to match the exact
Radius, Start Angle and End Angle of each arc in the original ACAD boundary.

Entering the exact numbers reported by ACAD for each arc seems to give
Protel enough data to "connect the dots" with sufficient accuracy to force a
continuous curve or spline.

Pretty tedious, but it's worked in all the instances I've tried it on.


At 10:32 AM 2/28/02 -0400, you wrote:
>When I try to view my pcb in the 3D viewer I get the following message and
>then it just sits there, stares at me and won't let me press the ok button.
>"Board boundary is incomplete - calculated boundary will be used. Check
>the boundary on the Keep Out layer is closed, with their track ends
>at their centers."
>The tracks appear to be touching, when I grab each end of them.
>FYI.. The pcb outline was am import from AutoCAD and has lots or arcs in
>Anybody had this message before?

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