your problem is not in anything that you have done with generating
your new footprint, nor trying to update the PCB. The problem results
commonly if you have a different number of pads/pins within the two PCB
footprints. The error message indicates that there is a differing number of
pads/pins in the two footprints. This is an issue that I have had with a
number of CAD packages. My Comment is, " what!" I want to change the
footprint, thanks for the warning, now do it.
        Your only work-around that I am aware of is:
delete the old footprint from the PCB database, save the PCB database, run
your update utility from the schematic. Then it should stick in the new

Brad Velander.

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I am having difficulty getting a footprint change to take place in the PCB.

I have copied, renamed and edited and saved a footprint in the PCB library.
I then edited my schematic symbol in the schematic library to use the edited
and re-named footprint, saved, pressed Update Schematics and did a Save All
on the main file pulldown menu.  When I run the Update PCB process, I get an
error that says:

"Macro 1: Component Footprint Change
Update component JDB1 footprint AMP_MICTOR38 to AMP_MICTOR38_NO_SH
Error: New footprint AMP_MICTOR38_NO_SH not matching old footprint

After this, I went back to the schematic and re-placed the instance of the
symbol by-hand, re-ran ERC/Netlist/Update PCB only to get the same result.
Is there nothing I can do to avoid deleting the placed PCB component and
re-placing it on the board?

Ken Pelic
Avistar Communications
Posted from Association web site by: Ken Pelic

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