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>I would love to see a library of schematic symbols and footprints for the 
>parts in the Digikey catalog like ORCAD did. I am often putting together a 
>quick proof of concept prototype and I always need something I don't have 
>so I have to build symbols and footprints. Is there another source of 
>libraries besides the web site or the request for part that they have?

         I second that! I've been turning out all sorts of schematic 
symbols and footprints for custom parts lately, everything from CODECs to 
chipsets and SMT resistor packs. I've been especially active on the 
footprint creation side after folks on here recommended doing so for most 
parts a short while ago. (thanks again, gang!)

         I'm wondering, too... Are there any other repositories for shared 
libraries or such for components and footprints? More importantly, if not, 
are folks out there interested in openly sharing their custom components 
and footprints with other people? I do network admin on the side, and have 
the server resources available to host a site for archiving and organizing 
Protel parts like these if there's sufficient interest from the community.

         I know it certainly would help me out as a timesaver to be able to 
pull parts that others have already created and slap them into my design. 
We could even keep a designation on them as noting whether or not they have 
been physically used on a circuit layout by someone, and whether any 
changes need to be made or problems observed. Obviously we're not really 
going to be ISO standard and all, but I'll take that tradeoff since more 
projects and prototypes I'm working on don't have to be subjected to those 
standards on a daily basis. If nothing else, publicly-available libraries 
and footprints can at least give you a starting basis and lessen the workload.

         Just thinking out loud here... I'd like to know what sort of 
interest there is is perhaps doing something like this. I think it could 
potentially be well worth the effort to get it started, considering how 
much time it may save in the long run. Thoughts? Comments?

-- Matt

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