It's done in PCB rather than Schematic.

If you only want to hide the Part Types normally shown on the
PCB Footprint, you can globally change them to hidden, by
clicking on any component on the PCB to pullup the edit panel,
select global, go to the Comment Tab, and check the Hidden box.
This will hide _all_  part types on the board. If you want to leave
some visible (like Jxx, etc), you can Unhide their Part Type by
selecting the one to be visible, the repeat the process above
using a Global change parameter of All Selected.

Another way is to Select All, then Deselect the individual parts you
want to have _visible_ Part Type. Then click on one of the still selected
parts and do a Global change with Attributes to Match By set to 
Same. Then go to Comments tab and check Hide.


At 09:51 AM 3/16/02 -0500, you wrote:
>i altered a pcb by deleting the part types by merely
>clicking on them on the pcb and spacing in the field under 
>attributes.  there are probably about 250 components.  just 
>this morning i added a couple resistors to the schematic 
>and updated the pcb, and to my horror, all those part types 
>came back.
>how can i get rid of them without individually deleting
>each of them again on the pcb?  i believe it has something 
>to do with a global attributes set using "hidden fields" or 
>"field names" in the schematic attributes, but i looked up
>"names", "hidden", and "fields" in the index and didn't get
>the job done.
>or maybe i could update the pcb from the schematic for just
>the two resistors i added.  i don't know.
>i know i could just ignore the schematic and add the resistors
>by hand to the pcb, but the design rules check won't like 
>that and i gain great comfort from running the design rules
>check and seeing all those zeros for the number of errors.
>thank you, miker

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